About the projectů

ELSTI stands for European Languages for Secretaries - Transfer of Innovation, which is a Leonardo da Vinci - Transfer of Innovation project (ref. no. LLP/LdV/ToI/2007/RO/008). The project is coordinated by EuroEd Foundation - Romania, and it is implemented between 2008 - 2010 in partnership with Connectis - Italy, Kaunas University of Technology - Lithuania, no limits education and training ltd. - UK, PIXEL Association - Italy and PROSPER - ASE Language Centre - Romania.

The project continues a previous Leonardo da Vinci project (Eurobusiness Language Skills, coordinated by PIXEL Association) and it is aimed at developing the linguistic, cultural and business communication skills in English, Italian, French and Spanish. If you want to find our more about the project, please click here. If you want to get instant access to the project products (business language courses - 2 levels in EN, FR, IT, ES; training package aiming at facilitating personal development; business culture modules in 10 languages), please access the ELS platform.